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State Hydroponics and Home Brew Supplies stock a good range of hydroponics accessories including water and air pumps, hydro additives, pots, sox, timers, heaters netting etc.  Our nutrient range includes Canna, Green Dream, GT Coco, Ionic, Dutch Master, I.S.N., Optimum plus Grow Bud Wright.  We also stock  5 Coco Coir brands, Coco Bricks, Clay, Perlite, Nichias Granulated Rock Wool (Jap), Grodan and many more hydro accessories.

Also being a Home Brew Shop we pride ourselves on keeping a large range of Beer Concentrates and Spirit supplies such as Morgans, Tooheys, Cascade, Mangro Jack, Gluten Fee Packs plus the full range of Coopers brews including liquid and powder malts, booster packs, hops, yeast, some grains, cappers, brew barrels, cleaning and sterilising agents, bottle brushes, spoons, hydrometers and alco meters, heating mats, belts and immersion heaters.

We also stock Coopers and Brew Cellar Brew Kits, Pet and glass bottles.  We also stock other accessories including kegs, gas gauges, taps, beer guns, new 6.8kg gas bottles, beer line, beer glasses and jugs, bottle trees and much much more.

We also pride ourselves on having an extensive range of spirit supplies and accessories, which include Pure Distilling Boilers 5ltr and 30ltr, S/S filters, EZ Filters, 8kg turbo packs, eight varieties of turbo yeast, wood chips, carbon, cleaning agents, schnapps liqueur and cream base packs.

Our range of spirit essences start with Still spirits, Edwards, Spirits Unlimited, Samuel Williams, Gold Medal, Super Smooth and Premium range, Prestige, Ambrosia plus Essencia.

Being twenty years in business, we have tried over the long term to keep as much stock variety as possible, but as we say “If we don’t have it we will do our best to source it for you” and get that product in for our customer if possible.